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Russian Institute 21 : Punitions [2015] [DVD9] [PAL] [Español] [Resubido]

Title: Russian Institute 21 : Punitions
Director: Franck Vicomte
Studio: Marc Dorcel
Year: 2015
Total time: 120 min

AUDIO: Italian, English, Frances, Aleman, Spanish, Polish
SUBTITLES: Italian, English, Frances, Aleman, Spanish, Polish
16 partes 15 de 500 MB Y 1 de 267 MB
Total: 7.59gb

First sexual experiences, 19 year old students, authoritarian female director and perverse punishments: this is the year’s programme at the Russian Institute.
Mademoiselle Anna, the director of the institution, is particularly vicious. With her, the pretty residents in uniform had better respect the rules.
When Mademoiselle Anna discovers that Justine and Nadia have brought with them a young man to secretly indulge in the pleasures of anal sex and sample their first sexual encounter, the director immediately starts imagining the punishment she will inflict on them.
The next day, with bare buttocks and panties in their mouths, Nadia and Justine spank each other in Mademoiselle Anna’s office. Utter humiliation, as the school inspector is present. And the apparently unmoved inspector dreams of participating in the punishment of the two gorgeous students…
While some are punished and others offer themselves to their teacher, Tiffany experiences her first real orgasm with a boy in the toilet. This infringement of the rules exposes her to the wrath of Mademoiselle Anna and her punishment will be both terrible and exciting…
But what punishment has she got in mind for her?

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